Fresh Water Springs

Cleopatra’s Bath
Ancient visitors to the Temple of Amon also paused to marvel at Cleopatra’s Bath, a wonder they called the “Spring of the Sun.” Slip into this famous natural spring and imagine that once, two and a half thousand years ago, Herodotus did just the same. In fact, he left an account of the spring’s bubbling waters in his Histories, writing that it seemed boiling hot in the chilly evenings and cool during the heat of the day.

Abou Sherouf
Embraced in the cool shade of surrounding palm trees, the spring at Abu Sherouf is one of the largest natural pools in the oasis, showcasing some of Siwa’s most picturesque views. As an additional attraction, Abou Sherouf offers a separate, smaller hot spring bubbling near by.

Ein Fatnas
This hot sulfur spring, tucked away in a patch of rich vegetation, lies 70 km south of Siwa. Arrange a desert safari to visit and stop along the way to see the Fossilized Forest, Al Arg Oasis and Al Bahrain, before plunging into Bir Wahed for a naturally cleansing, therapeutic bath.