Organic Agriculture

Free from chemical fertilizers, and untouched by herbicides and pesticides, the fertile land of Siwa is fed by the Nubian aquifer through 230 natural freshwater springs.  It holds orchards and gardens of orange, citron, pomegranate, guava, sweet lime, and apricot trees; vegetable, spice and herb gardens of molloukheya, sicamore, gargeer, hibiscus and mint; and beds of medicinal and fodder plants and pulses. 

Siwa’s two predominant crops are olives and dates, largely undiscovered outside Egypt, but highly sought after within.  Their richness, texture and flavor rank among the finest of any in the world.

In additional to pickled olives and extra virgin olive oil, a variety of pastes and jams of olive, date and other fruits are being developed by Siwa OrganicsThe company works to benefit the Siwan farmer by developing and marketing organic products without contaminating Siwa’s pure soil and fresh springs with chemicals or harmful farming practices.