Visitors to Siwa will find a range of beautiful traditional products: baskets made of palm fronds and decorated with colored threads; woolen rugs and runners in vibrant colors and geometric designs; embroidered fabrics, dresses and head-dresses decorated with antique coins and mother-of-pearl buttons; and the famous and highly prized Siwan silver jewelry, including elaborate necklaces with pendants of various shapes, large incised bracelets and rings, and heavy earrings with chains and bells – too heavy to be worn as earrings, they hang tantalizingly from a leather strip on either side of the head.

Midan Al Souk, in front of the Old Shali ruins in the center of downtown, is the main shopping area, and the place to go to find small grocery stores, fruit and vegetable vendors, shops specializing in handicrafts and trinkets, and pickled olives, olive oil, herbs and dates. Prices and quality vary.

As elsewhere in the region, it is customary to negotiate the price of souvenirs and other goods. If you prefer to pay a fixed price for high quality crafts and goods, visit the Siwa Creations boutique at the
Adrère Amellal ecolodge, at the foot of the White Mountain, where you will find finely embroidered garments, accessories and jewelry, as well as organic extra virgin olive oil and other products from Siwa Organics