Tomb of Misu-lsis

Just west of the Tomb of Si-Amon lies the Tomb of Misu-Isis in Gebel al Mawta. 
Its entrance is framed by colorful, well-preserved paintings of a seated Osiris with his wife Isis.  Over the cornice, twenty-one red and blue rearing cobra-s caled uraei, poised to protect the deceased, are painted in relief, each with a winged sun-disk over its head. 
Hieroglyphic text describes Osiris, the "foremost of the Westerners,” or the dead, as the great god who is honored in "Tha-t," probably the ancient name of the Siwa Oasis or one of its localities. This name also appears on the wall of the Temple of Umm Ubaydah and in the Tomb of Si-Amon. 
The original tomb was reopened during the Roman Period when several burial niches were cut into its walls, and discovered in October 1940 by Siwans seeking cover from World War II air raids