Desert Adventures

One of the most popular tourist activities in Siwa is the desert safari, arranged by many hotels and independent operators.  Climb into a 4-wheel-drive jeep at the top of a towering dune, gaze at the endless plane of sloping dunes, then clutch the seat as you feel the jeep tip into a steep, exhilarating descent.

Pause to discover marine fossils imbedded in the sand and rock – leftovers from the Tethys Sea which some 40 to 50 million years ago reached far south of the existing Mediterranean – before coasting down a sandy slope on the back of a sandboard.

Excursions also include visits to Siwa’s natural and historical attractions and offer the option to spend the night in a desert tent.  Those who do will dine “Abou Mardam” style, on mutton or chicken roasted over charcoal in tins buried under the sand, and sleep soundly under clear desert stars, untainted by the lights of modern civilization.